Music as medicine: Ancestral Visions brings a mix of pop culture and spirituality to the music scene.

Poised for his upcoming releases of remixes from house legend Steve Lawler, Davi (Crosstown Rebels), and Zoo Brazil, SANJAY is ready with his one-man live show and DJ sets. The stage is set for SANJAY to share his message, “Music is Medicine.” Fresh off the heels of his 2021 EP Initiation, SANJAY has crafted an album that bridges spiritual culture with pop culture.

With the idea of having his art serve a purpose, SANJAY has utilized transcendent musical and lyrical elements and backed them with influences such as Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Tame Impala, Neil Young, and Kanye West. The Inspiration for “Ancestral Visions” came during a trip deep into the Peruvian Amazon. Upon his return, SANJAY realized that the path to writing the album would have to delve into his inner transformation.


“Music can be immensely healing and help us go deeper than We normally would. I see Ancestral Visions as the soundtrack to the turning point in the journey we all have to take.” If artist SANJAY’s new album “Ancestral Visions” tells us anything, it’s that the most potent force in the universe is the one found within us.